Frank & Tony teamed up in 2011 to found their label Scissor & Thread. In 2014 they released their own debut album You Go Girl as well as a collaborative single with DJ Sprinkles (with whom they had been exchanging a series of remixes for some time). Both records were met with universal critical acclaim reflecting a deeply textured and dynamic approach to music production. 

 Their collaboration on the label and in the studio has seen them develop increasingly sophisticated and accomplished music; the album was was described by Pitchfork ‘as an eloquent study and display of deep house’s sound palette’ and Resident Advisor describes ‘a unique creative alchemy between the two’.

In the DJ booth the Brooklyn-based duo have constantly progressed their approach to the dancefloor with sets now heavily laden with their own edits; they are as comfortable with club-ready tracks at peak hours as they are at the after party at 7am.